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Sustenex is a Probiotic from Ganeden Biotech. I worked closely with the client on the Creative Brief before writing the script.

The campaign became a success, creating a 40% retail lift nationwide.

2 weeks for pre-production, 3 days of production, and 3 weeks of post-production.

Vertical Response

A fresh, exciting service required some fast paced graphics with intriguing testimonials.

I traveled to San Francisco to tape the interviews.

Post production with After Effects animation took about 3 weeks.

Oster Fusion

This Direct Response ad was a joy to work on, with a very fun concept and talented regional actors that made it all come together.

2 weeks of Pre-production, shot in the studio in 2 days, with 2 weeks of post-production.

Intex Pools

A Direct Response infomercial for an above ground pool. I had a great deal of fun shooting on location in Long Beach, California.

I utilized a jib operator and an underwater cameraman to help make it all happen.

4 days of shooting with 9 days of pre-production. Editing was completed in just under a month.


An interesting product that is used for toothbrush sanitation.

There were 2 weeks of pre-production, 2 days shooting in the studio; testimonials were shot locally, as well as in Pennsylvania and New York City.

Post-production was about 4 weeks long.

Ab King Pro

A Direct Response commercial for a “sculpting abdominals”.

I wrote the script to be a bit edgy and upbeat and hired body models out of L.A.

Shot in the studio for one day with 5 days of pre-production, editing was accomplished in about 2 weeks.

Byram Healthcare

A Direct Response commercial for a blood glucose monitor. I wrote the script based on a creative brief focusing on the target audience.

Shot on location here in Billings with local actors.

3 days of shooting with 5 days of pre-production, editing was accomplished in about 3 weeks, including the 3d model animation.

Presto Printer

A unique product from Hewlett Packard.

I traveled to San Francisco for testimonial shoots, the rest of the ad was shot locally in the studio and on location.

The shoot period was over a 3 week period and post production was locked up within a month.

Littleton Coin

Littleton Coin released a commemorative quarter collection and I created a 2 minute and 1 minute DR commercial for them. It was done in the studio with all table top shooting. We strived to give it a more stylized approach than most spots in the “coin” genre.

6 days of pre-production and 1 day of shooting, with post-production completed in under 2 weeks.